JET ‘BSIP’ communication and confidence sessions underway in schools

JET ‘BSIP’ communication and confidence sessions underway in schools

As lockdown eases, our JET education team are now able to spend increasing amounts of time in schools delivering our Blue Skies Inspired Package to students.

The range and type of our face-to-face sessions are slowly expanding as restrictions ease, and in the past few weeks, it has been wonderful for our youth liaison officers, known as JETLOs, to be back into the “field” to work with young people to build confidence, communication skills, teamwork abilities and resilience.

Here’s a couple of snapshots of our latest sessions:

West Moors Middle School in Dorset.
Over at West Moors Middle School, our JETLO Nicky Mills joined a group of year 7s to deliver one of our popular BSIP sessions. On this occasion, the focus was on developing communication skills which is one of JET’s four key pillars. In pairs, children had to describe a picture to their partner without speaking and using only mime. The partner was then tasked with drawing the picture described by their partner. The results: some very funny moments of enthusiastic gesturing and even a bit of communication through dance! A great time was had by all and here’s some of the class feedback…

“I found the JET session exceptionally fun. It really helped me improve my teamwork skills and build relationships with others. I would also like to point out that Nicky (our team leader) was lovely. She was great fun, and I wasn’t worried to talk to her and be honest. I am really looking forward to our next workshops and building up more helpful skills.” Year 7 pupil

“It was so much fun and a good way to learn how to work together as a team. Everyone was taking part with the fun games, like the one with the sharks!” Year 7 pupil

“I think my experience at the JET workshop was extremely fun and entertaining as we did lots of activities that included teamwork and communication skills. Also, I think that Nicky was a brilliant JET staff member as she taught us many skills that would benefit us.” Year 7 pupil

“I enjoyed the JET workshop as it allowed me to have fun whilst thinking about good skills for my future. I also enjoyed doing the team game activities. Our team leader was friendly, kind and fun. I cannot wait for the next workshop! It is so interesting to be finding out all these amazing skills we can use in our life.” Year 7 Pupil.

Meanwhile, over at the Beacon Climbing Centre in North Wales, some climbing was underway…

Holyhead High in North Wales
In North Wales, the JET team have been out at the Beacon Climbing Centre with Blue Skies 2 students from Holyhead High. Earlier in June our JETLO Bonny also led a leadership session.

Confidence in new situations and resilience skills
This session’s theme was about ‘working with others’ by exhibiting trust and showing sensitivity to others’ physical and mental states. Some additional areas of focus included developing confidence in new situations, and demonstrating resilience by overcoming challenges, sticking with tasks and not giving up even when things got tough.

Bonny reported that after a warm-up the students began climbing which also helped to develop their communication skills:

“Some were nervous, whereas others were more confident,” says Bonny. “The students showed their leadership skills by encouraging the group and helping others when they found it difficult. It was great to see the team support each other. They also showed fantastic resilience and really tried their best even with some scared of heights! Well done team!”

More about JET’s Blue Skies programme
Blue Skies is an intensive, targeted, early intervention programme working with young people from the age of 10+ who are often underachieving or facing life challenges that may put them at risk of falling out of education. We focus on raising confidence and aspirations, teaching life skills that support our students to reengage with learning and to realise their full potential.