Evaluation Project Profile

A six month evaluation project for the Jon Egging Trust to begin asap, anticipated duration 6 months, with the possibility of ongoing consultancy support on an ad-hoc basis.

The Remit for this Evaluation Project

Since our establishment in 2012 JET has grown exponentially. We hit our target, set in 2013, of supporting 10,000 young people every year by 2020 two years early. We are now at the cusp of our 10 year anniversary and want to use this opportunity to better understand our impact, look at how we can improve our offer to young people, and determine what we can look to achieve over the next 10 years.

We are looking to recruit an independent evaluator with significant and proven experience of evaluating youth sector initiatives connected to informal learning, ideally within the charity/not for profit sector. The evaluator will be experienced at working collaboratively and be knowledgeable about creating opportunities for youth-led monitoring and evaluation in order to gather evidence of our impact to date. They will also be required to develop ongoing youth friendly monitoring and evaluation tools that we can use in-house. Storytelling is important, key to this work will be examining our historic data in order to understand what our unique story is and what that story tells us about how we need to shape our work and the data we need to collect in future.


To ensure that JET is an effective and efficient an organisation as possible, offering value for money and that we are collecting the right data to evaluate the impact of our work.
To help champion the voice of young people throughout the organisation and ensure it is at the heart of our monitoring and evaluation structure moving forward.
Ultimately to become an example of best practice and excellence within the youth support sector.

The independent evaluation will enable us to understand:

We are looking for the evaluator to focus on four main areas:

  1. Research – how JET fits into the sector,
  2. Impact/evidence – for what JET does,
  3. Reflective/critical thinking – what JET could do better and how,
  4. The development of youth friendly evaluation tools for our ongoing use by the JET team and an in-house evaluation, impact and development role.

It is important that our ongoing evaluation methods fit with the values and ethos of JET and that we are clear about the purpose of collecting impact information, who will use it and for what.

For more information on the role purpose, the scope of work and application process, please refer to the attached pdf.