Allie Hack

Area Director South

Having joined the JET Team in September 2016 as Regional Manager I have been involved in the delivery of the Blue Skies and Inspirational Outreach programmes across the South. So it is my great pleasure, as Area Director, to further the wonderful work that the South team are doing.

The Jon Egging Trust offers students and schools unique opportunities and experiences which are tailor made to encourage, develop and inspire young people at the point where, all too often, they disengage with education. Hand in hand with our military and corporate partners the Blues Skies and Inspirational Outreach programmes allow young people to discover their abilities, test their ideas and grow in confidence, whilst discovering a world of opportunity that awaits outside the classroom. Our volunteers and partners are passionate about allowing young people the time and opportunity to grow in ways a traditional curriculum doesn’t allow, yet they then see the relevance of education as the gateway to these bright futures. Through our programmes we have seen young people improve attendance, attainment and take on responsibility within their school community, with the drive to succeed and reach their own challenging goals.

I have worked in education for over 20 years both as a Youth and Schools Worker in the North West, and as Secondary School Teacher for 18 years. My ethos in education has always been to raise young peoples’ self-esteem and confidence, develop leadership and teamwork skills and help students identify their passions. I have worked in schools in Liverpool, Devon, Dorset and Hampshire as well as being a mum of two. All this experience has led to a passion to see young people reach their potential. It is a privilege to work with local schools and organisations to help them realise Jon’s dream for young people to be enthused and empowered to achieve their potential.