Dan Tye


I met Jon at Southampton University Air Squadron in 1997, where we learned to fly together at Boscombe Down. As well as sharing a love of flying, Jon and I would run and go hillwalking and we formed a strong friendship. We joined the Royal Air Force in 2000 and went on to Basic Fast Jet Training on the Tucano, but I decided to leave the RAF and became a ski instructor in Canada. After a couple of years in the mountains, I returned to the UK in 2005 and became a motorcycle journalist for Motor Cycle News.

In 2007 I landed an amazing job as the deputy editor of Pilot magazine and for three years I was privileged to write and report on flying. After Pilot magazine I decided to start up my own magazine, albeit an online one, called Adventure 52. Through this site I hope I can encourage others to take part in adventurous activities, every week of the year.

I believe that taking part in adventurous activities plays a large part in building self-esteem and self-confidence – and I know it did for Jon – so I am extremely pleased that the Trust now uses adventure in its Blue Sky programmes.

Being able to be part of the charity so closely connected to Jon means so much to me. My hope is that the Trust will go on to help an ever-increasing number of young people discover the values that Jon and I embrace in our day-to-day lives; namely teamwork, communication, kindness and respect. My main role as a Trustee is to advise on media matters and find ways to help the Trust continue to tell its story. We are achieving some amazing results with our youth programmes, so part of my job is to get that message out. The more people that hear about the Trust, the more likely we will be able to help even more young men and women overcome adversity to become the best they can be.