Nina Patton

Youth Liaison Officer Oxfordshire

I am the Jon Egging Trust Liaison Officer for Oxfordshire (JETLO), a new region for JET in academic year 2016/7.

I joined the team in September 2016, and am currently working with Carterton Community College and RAF Brize Norton to deliver the region’s first Blue Skies Programme. Success requires frequent liaison with both the school and the military in order to ensure the programme’s young people arrive prepared for their activities and that the sessions are tailored to get the best inspirational outcomes from the fantastic facilities that the RAF make available.

Despite my short time with JET and at this early point in the programme, the positive impact of these sessions on our students’ confidence and team skills is fantastic to see – points echoed by both teaching staff and parents alike.

Looking forward, there is still so much to do to ensure we reach more young people in Oxfordshire. Next year will see the number of Blue Skies students active in Oxfordshire double as our current students progress to Level 2 and new Level 1 students start with us. In parallel, I am looking to broaden the inspirational opportunities of the region from the exceptional foundations established at Brize Norton into the wider STEM community, which will help with both programme balance and sustainability. I will also lead on the establishing JET’s Inspirational Outreach programme in the region, aiming to deliver team skills, communication and leadership sessions to a broad cross section of the young people of Oxfordshire.

I believe strongly in JET’s aim to inspire young people and am delighted to be working with JET to help the young people of Oxfordshire achieve their best.