Peter Ellen


Young people are our future – as a Trustee, I think my role is to apply whatever I have learned over the years for their benefit, assisting those members of the Trust who are in executive, administration or implementation roles to fulfil them as effectively as possible.

Work has formed a large part of my life, and being part of the Jon Egging Trust allows me to continue with some of the routines I have found so helpful during my career. I have worked across numerous industries including education, dairy, engineering, office equipment and financial services; latterly I have been operating as a management consultant, helping businesses to solve problems, often to do with regulation. I am a Non-Executive Director of Nexus Financial Services, a broker based in Bahrain, and I continue to mentor a few business managers/leaders. I enjoy a round of golf, walking and being a  grandfather.

Having joined the Trust in 2016, I would like to see it grow and prosper, to represent the interests of young people and to enable them to develop their own potential, to lead rewarding and fulfilling lives.