Simon Taylor

Regional Youth Programmes Manager Norfolk

As the Blue Skies Youth Liaison Officer for Norfolk it is my responsibility to oversee all sessions delivered at RAF Marham and maintain a strong, constant link between Downham Market Academy, the RAF and the Jon Egging Trust. I also ensure all the sessions our students undertake fall in line with the key learning points within the BTEC qualification. Outside of the Blue Skies programme it is my role to plan, deliver and review all outreach projects within the Norfolk region. This involves delivering bespoke, fun and intuitive sessions to help students re-engage with their education in partnership with the schools involved and self-empower their true learning potential.

So why did I join the Jon Egging Trust? For me it’s the chance to help before it is too late. Young people are not lazy or unwilling, as people have branded them; they are simply lost in a world focused on the media that magnifies their pressures. For me it’s a chance to help people see their full potential and realise they can be anything they want to be in life. They just need to work hard, then reach out and take opportunities.

The young people I have worked with on the Jon Egging Trust are funny, engaging and have the potential to achieve greatness if they believe in themselves. Seeing how passionate the level 1 students are and how passionate and now focussed the level 2 students are tells me the programme is getting it right. The Trust is growing and I want to be part of that. I want to help it grow along side the young people we work with and together help change each other for the better.