Will Seers

Youth Liaison Officer Lincolnshire

My name’s Will and I started to volunteer with the Jon Egging Trust in 2014 and I am now the Youth Liaison Officer (JETLO) for Lincolnshire.

Being a JETLO involves producing the session plans for our Blue Skies programme and supporting our partners, such as the RAF to deliver these teamwork and leadership activities to our students. I work with the school to ensure that the young people’s learning is accredited and that students are engaged and that learning outcomes are met for every session. As well as the Blue Skies programme I facilitate training for our Inspirational Mentors and work to develop connections with new schools in Lincolnshire to benefit from our Inspirational Outreach programme.

To me (and I can relate to this on a personal level) the Jon Egging Trust delivers the vital ingredients of inspiration when it’s most needed, to children who are not reaching their own full potential. It’s really rewarding to hear how your talks have helped people realise that no matter what curve ball hits you in life you can still overcome and achieve great things.

After one talk I was fortunate enough to bump into a six former at my car garage a week later. He came over and after saying hello he began to tell me how nervous he was when he found out he had an interview for the Mercedes garage in Lincoln. He told me that the talk I did the day before his interview filled him with confidence to go get it, that he can do it and the only thing holding him back was his own belief in himself. He got the job and told me how happy he was.

It’s honestly great to help people achieve. No matter how big or small you think the difference is, it could mean a lot to them.