Cobham lead the way

Cobham lead the way

Dorset’s Blue Skies 2 group from Ferndown Upper School learnt a lot about leadership recently when they visited Cobham Special Mission based at Bournemouth Airport.

The group have previously visited Cobham on BS1 but this time they learnt about leadership and enjoyed a number of challenges set by Faye and her apprentices.

“I love being at Cobham.  We do fun things and have a nice lunch”. Holly, 13

We were lucky enough to chat with a pilot and were allowed onto a Falcon aircraft. The students thought about the qualities needed to be a good leader which they put into practice when they were the leader on tasks.

“I liked wearing the Captains hat when it was my turn to be the leader.” Mikey, 13

“It was great to welcome the students back to Cobham for a second time. The best part was seeing how much more confident they are and a higher level of willingness to take part in activities.  They had remembered and talked about what they had learnt from the Teamwork and Communication workshop we held last year.

We talked about what makes a good and bad leader, we talked about the types of leaders and how this can influence a team. Leaders were chosen to lead teams for a lost at sea activity – could they survive by working as a team with a good leader.  We also managed to build bridges from spaghetti and marsh mellows which had to be strong enough to carry Lego ducks.

The Ferndown Upper students are a very well behaved group, willing to learn and hopefully will have taken something away that will help them achieve their goals in the future.”