Engineering Inspiration for Mountbatten School at HMS Sultan

Engineering Inspiration for Mountbatten School at HMS Sultan

The Jon Egging Trust had the pleasure of taking a team of Year 8 students to HMS Sultan for the final part of their Teamwork Inspirational Outreach Programme on the 4th May 2018. The students have been part of an on-going programme to encourage teamwork over the last few months. As part of that programme they have had sessions on teamwork, led by Area Director Allie Hack and goal setting and resilience, led by RAF personnel from MOD Boscombe Down.

“I have learnt to work with other people and not just by myself.” Michael, 13

The programme culminated in a visit to the Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival Equipment School where the students were given a brilliant tour of the helicopters used in training.

“It was a good experience coming to see the helicopters. The Jon Egging Trust shows yourself actually how well you can communicate with others.” Nick, 13

The students were taught and asked to complete activities that are used to train rotary engineers which was extremely interesting and engaging. After a fantastic lunch in the Junior Rates Mess the students were put through their paces in a set of teamwork tasks.

“It’s great that the children get hands-on experience within engineering and get to talk to people who actually do these jobs. There’s been a big change that I’ve seen within the children’s communications. In the first session they weren’t very keen to engage with each other, but now in the fourth, they’ve got really stuck in straight away and it’s been really positive for all of them.” Isabelle Ross, Assistant Head of Year 8