Jack – Blue Skies student

Jack – Blue Skies student

Parent Testimonial

“As Jack has been fortunate enough to be involved in this course, I am extremely thankful for everything he has been part of. I think that this has benefited him greatly and I am so grateful. He has had so many different opportunities within the Trust. Every single visit has definitely 110% benefited, and I am so proud of every single thing has done. All of these activities are priceless.” Father of Jack, Level 3 student

Student Testimonial

“This whole experience has been extremely inspirational. Throughout all the activities and events, I found the whole thing such an educational experience. As it is going to be very helpful on my CV. I thank the whole Jon Egging Trust for letting me be a part of the inspiring journey. Even though it was probably the most enjoyable part of my five years at school, it was also very tiring, but well worth it.” – Jack