Searching for Blue Skies with Wessex Archaeology

Searching for Blue Skies with Wessex Archaeology

Wessex Archaeology once again hosted our Blue Skies 1 group at their offices at Old Sarum on 19th April.  The young people were introduced to archaeology and given an insight as to why archaeology is so important. The students were pleased when they were told by Project Manager Si Cleggett that their opinions mattered when they were discussing the meaning and significance of a site worked on by Si.

The group enjoyed various teamwork tasks from washing some ‘finds’ to working out from a skeleton how the person had died.

Communication played an important part in the Marine section and the students were blindfolded and led around an obstacle course, simulating what it would be like to explore under the sea.

“This is really brilliant. I love archaeology and was reading a book about it last night” Kai, 12

The group’s interest in archaeology was expanded on the second of our visits to Wessex Archaeology who teamed up with Breaking Ground Heritage, an archaeology project set up for veterans.

Braving the elements on Salisbury Plain on May 2nd, the group did some digging at an early age feasting midden. Almost each time a trowel entered the ground, something was found; either animal bones or pieces of very early pots. It was fascinating.

“It was fantastic finding so much stuff and I liked working with Phil (Harding).” Eve, 12

While half the group were digging, the other half was completing a communication exercise led by the veterans.  This involved one person being blindfolded and led by a partner. Via radio sets, the blindfolded person had to recreate a simple model as directed by the person with radio who was receiving instructions from somewhere else.

“We all have such a great time hosting the Jon Egging Trust. It’s wonderful to see the students’ connect with the past, and gain a better understanding of their heritage and predecessors. And, what a privilege it is to see their delight when they discover 2,700 year old artefacts for themselves!” Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy

It was a brilliant day, enjoyed by all who took part.  Thank you Wessex Archaeology and Breaking Ground Heritage.