CV and interview skills with Northrop Grumman

CV and interview skills with Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman supported JET through Inspirational Outreach to Year 12 students at Priory Witham Academy. It is a prime time in their education to be mindful of how their experiences and skill sets relate to the wider world of work and further education. Part of JET’s mission statement is to raise young peoples’ aspirations, confidence and self-esteem and to help them re-engage with education and to make informed choices about their futures. Northrup Grumman looked to support us on this particular occasion to help these young people become more aware of the opportunities and routes into the world of work, whilst also exploring how to recognise the skills and experiences that they can draw on to display their achievements when invited to interview.

‘The impact of having such willing and relatable business experts interacting and sharing experiences with young people is so valuable in motivating students to reflect positively.’ JETLO Nicola

The day began with an introduction by John Pearce (Emergency Health & Safety Advisor) highlighting the work that Northrop Grumman do worldwide and how many different jobs, crossing numerous sectors, there can be within one company.

The students then received a monologue by new employee Alisha. She had been with the company for 18 months and explained her route in. Able to relate to the feelings of many of the students at this point in their education, this part of the workshop opened up discussion and questions surrounding the options and choices available. Experiences shared enabled the students to see that they do not need to have their whole life planned out, but smaller steps taken will help guide them. Experiences and different jobs undertaken, no matter what they are will always give them something to learn from.

Top Tips for CV writing and Interviews were next on the agenda. Hearing first-hand what matters and what the young people can do to showcase themselves and better prepare for interviews was invaluable.

‘I get really anxious at the thought of an interview.’ Anon, 16

At JET we want young people to build confidence and self-esteem and the process of CV writing can be an opportune time for reflection. Guidance given through this outreach and by Northrop Grumman has undoubtedly provided the students with tools, tips and takeaways to help put themselves in the best light and to explore the many different paths ahead.