Flt Lt Steve Morris (Red 7) Inspirational Mentor

Flt Lt Steve Morris (Red 7) Inspirational Mentor

My name is Steve Morris and I became a volunteer and inspirational person with the Jon Egging Trust in 2013.

I become involved with the Trust when I joined the Red Arrows and have since felt very privileged and humbled by everyone that has anything to do with Trust, particularly the students who put in so much time and effort into everything they do.

My involvement is primarily with the Level 1 students and I am lucky enough to host a day with them at RAF Scampton, the home of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, The Red Arrows. During the visit the students get to meet all members of the Red Arrows including both pilots and engineers and get to sit in an aircraft, view a training flight and then sit through a debrief with the whole Team. The day with the Red Arrows attempts to demonstrate just how much teamwork can help each and everyone of us achieve our goals.

I was lucky enough to have known Jon both socially and professionally for a number of years and was always inspired by him and his outlook on life. We instructed future fast jet pilots together whilst at RAF Valley and he was very highly regarded amongst all that met him. We then both flew the Harrier Jump Jet together before he was then selected the fly with the Red Arrows.

The Trust helps so many young people who perhaps just need that little bit of help and guidance at a critical part of their lives. I personally found school very difficult initially and at the age of 13 had a helping-hand in making sure I went down the right path and achieve all I could. It’s great to see that the Jon Egging Trust has been this ‘helping-hand’ for so many young people and will continue to do so as the Trust grows and goes from strength-to-strength.