Getting to know you

Getting to know you

Our first Blue Skies Level Two session with Priory Witham Academy introduced the students to their JETLO Nicola and the core volunteer team at RAFC Cranwell. We began with a name throwing game that allowed us to introduce someone in the team. Many of us have interests in common – some of us are well travelled and have had some exciting holidays and adventures; some are keen (or not so keen) pet owners and others have a clear artistic streak through art, dance, gymnastics and theatre.

Next, the team took on a drawing exercise whereby it became very evident that everyone is an individual who may have different interpretations of the same thing. This is a key point to remember as a leader when providing instructions and/or information to your team….they may not all interpret what you are saying in the way that you intended! 

‘They were very perceptive throughout the session as to how they could make small changes for a greater, more successful group outcome.’ JETLO Nicola

The session continued to build on this, looking at a game of Chinese whispers and how we can help to obtain a more accurate/ intended response. The group established some clear measures that would help which included: 

‘We use RSVP for communications: Rhythm, Speed, Voice, and Pitch. Being conscious of these things when we speak to others can help with clarity.’ Cpl Conwell, RAFC Cranwell volunteer

The session finished with two teams having to build both a box and basket using MTa Kit. It was important for the success of this task for teams to agree first what their definitions/ interpretations of a box and basket were. This would ultimately define the success of their build.