‘I feel motivated to follow my dreams’

'I feel motivated to follow my dreams'

Blue Skies students from Priory Witham Academy said of their Inspiration Day at RAF Coningsby with Inspirational Mentors Professor Brian Cox, Will Seer and personnel from 29 Typhoon Squadron.

‘I feel inspired and quite shocked at how amazing the entire universe is!’

‘Today has inspired me to enjoy what I do and get to where I want to be in every aspect of my life’

40 GCSE students from Willam Farr, Lincoln Castle Academy, Baines Wallis Academy and the Banovallum School also attended the morning presentation by Professor Brian Cox as part of the Trust’s new Inspirational Outreach scheme. The students commented:

‘The thing I enjoyed most about the presentation was having Professor Cox explain the origins of the universe in a more simplified version. From this talk I will go on to aspire for my dream job of working in higher level biology’

‘After today I will work hard and listen to other theories’.