Overcoming the awkward

Overcoming the awkward

Students from Priory Witham Academy have had their first visit to RAFC Cranwell as part of their Blue Skies 2: Leadership programme. This session saw them welcomed into the OASC (Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre) by Group Captain William Dole. Having been a supporter of JET, Group Captain Dole recognised the opportunities and synergy that his facility had with being able to provide a challenging yet safe environment from which our students could learn more about themselves.

The day began with all students being given their new names for the day of Delta or Hotel 1,2,3… It was explained that this was to ensure that each of them could take part and present themselves to the staff involved without any prejudices or prior knowledge of who they were or their capabilities. They were completely at liberty to be the best they could be!

The day saw the students challenged in many ways. The gruelling problem solving activities and situations being like nothing within their usual day-to-day life permitted them to feel uneasy, awkward and out of their comfort zone. It also allowed them to move through these feelings to strengthen their resolve.

‘I have shown today that I can become more confident on my own.’ Ethan, 15

Valuing the fact that you have something to contribute is not always something that comes naturally. Students were encouraged throughout the day to recognise and accept their importance and worth within a group situation. They also began to see that it was their responsibility to share their own ideas and thoughts on things. Our students were all given the opportunity to be heard throughout the day and left feeling very proud of their successes, be it through the effort, skill or courage displayed.