Year 10 boys walk for JET

Year 10 boys walk for JET

Following a successful team building day last academic year, boys in Year 10 at Carres Grammar School chose to fundraise for JET as part of their Annual Whole School Sponsored Walk on Thursday 18th October 2018.

Our South Lincolnshire JETLO Nicola met with the 100+ boys on the morning as they set off and gave each of them a JET wristband/sticker to thank them for their support.

Choosing to walk or run, all students completing the distance on behalf of JET set off with the sun shining brightly and in high spirits!

This type of fundraising event allows students to draw upon many of the soft skills we look to develop in them. It provides them with the opportunity to apply themselves and have the confidence to ask for sponsorship and use clear communication skills to explain the event and who they are fundraising for. They need to show the commitment and resilience to complete the 10.6 miles whatever the weather. Self-motivation and providing motivation for others are also important skills needed to do the best they can both in the fundraising effort and the walk itself. It also creates opportunities to reflect and give thought to their efforts and understand the impact that it will have had for themselves and for JET and the students that we work with.

We look forward to hearing how they got on and what the impact has been for them…and how many of the new pairs of trainers being worn were still looking white following the trek across muddy fields!