Blue Skies opens eyes to life-saving career opportunity

Blue Skies opens eyes to life-saving career opportunity

After completing the Blue Skies Level 2 Leadership programme at RAF Marham, Downham Market Academy student Jess, 15, knew what she wanted to do with her life – she had decided that she would love to pursue a career as a paramedic. As part of the programme, Jess had witnessed the RAF medical team deliver a session on first aid. Seeing the value of the job they do and how challenging it was, Jess knew this was the job for her.

To help guide her through this process, Jess attended some bespoke one to one mentoring with our Norfolk Youth Liaison Officer Simon. He helped Jess focus her studies to try to attain the prerequisites to enable her to begin a career in this field.

However, it was not quite yet time to decide how best to take this forward. Would Jess enrol in the forces and train to be a front-line medic or study to be a paramedic with the ambulance service and work in UK emergency medicine? Having learnt about the job that RAF medics carry out, it was time to look at the other options.

Using our local connections to the aviation world, JET secured a work placement for Jess with the East Anglian Air Ambulance. She spent a week seeing the role being carried out, discussing the training the crew undertake and the various equipment that they use to help save lives. Jess was able to see the in depth training our front line medical teams do in order to keep them at the cutting edge of emergency medicine, as well as hear first-hand what their job entails.

Jess now has her focus set on passing her GCSE’s and enrolling on which ever avenue she chooses in this profession. Jess will be able to use the confidence gained through the Blue Skies programme, as well as the continued one to one support she receives to help her go forward in life.

Jess said ‘Thank you so much for getting me this placement. I have really enjoyed it and it has been really interesting to learn their role first hand. I definitely want to be a medic!’

Peter, Norfolk Air Ambulance Crew said ‘Jess came to the East Anglian Air Ambulance for her work experience and was a shining example of a successful placement. She spent time with clinicians, pilots, administrative staff and fundraisers, demonstrating a keen attitude towards the working environment. Jess was creative, hard working and I’m positive one day she’ll make a fantastic clinician.’