Students learn the art of detection and camouflage

Students learn the art of detection and camouflage

Today Blue Skies Level 1 students from Downham Market academy learned about visual detection and information gathering. RAF staff explained to the students how and why certain things are seen and how personnel would use different equipment and techniques to operate in their field of work.

Putting this knowledge into practice, the students had to identify different objects at a distance using binoculars and work as a team to gather and share the information. The students then had an opportunity to see the different equipment and try the rations available to RAF personnel on operation and they also had the chance to paint their faces with camouflage cream.

After a break for lunch the students then went onto learn about stress and how to cope with it from the regimental Chaplin. They were given information on how to deal with stresses in life and how they can change their reactions to them.

The students had another great day at RAF Marham, learning more and more from the staff there.

level 1 session 7 (2) May 16 Level 1 session 7 May 16