Teamwork overcomes the seemingly impossible

Teamwork overcomes the seemingly impossible

In today’s session at RAF Marham, the Level 1 Blue Skies students faced all kinds of problem solving activities which are usually aimed at testing RAF personnel in their leadership and team work skills.

The students spent the morning outdoors tackling low ropes activities and in the afternoon they were whisked off to the Survival Bay. This is where RAF Tornado pilots learn how to survive should their aircraft be shot down. The students had the opportunity to see the equipment they would use and how a parachute is deployed and used.

During all these activities they had great fun whilst learning about themselves and the rest of their team. Gracie, aged 13, agreed saying “It was harder than it looked but great fun.”

After the session, Si, our Norfolk JETLO commented “I always love seeing the students who swear at the start of the task that it is impossible. Then the delight on their faces when they figure it out as a team. It’s why I do the job I do. ”


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