Another school begin their journey with JET

Another school begin their journey with JET

It was a lovely afternoon at Ysgol Y Tywyn getting to know the Year 6 students who will be a part of the latest Inspirational Outreach Programme in North Wales.

The ‘Getting to know you’ session is a great session where the students get to learn more about JET and the Youth Liaison Officer who will be working alongside them, as well as for JET staff to get to know the students.

The students played various games which developed their teamwork skills and they were asked to think about the skills they had used that day and why they are so important. The main skills that the pupils identified throughout the afternoon was communication.

“I enjoyed listening a little about others because I found out new things.” Angel, 10

This made the pupils realise the importance of communication, how easily others can interpret information differently and how often we use and depend on communication in our day-to-day lives.

“I really enjoyed everything! I loved it all! It was so much fun and really interesting.” Zeke, 10

“Thank you so much for today, everybody enjoyed it and we are looking forward to the remaining sessions.” Mrs Griffiths, Class teacher

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