CAYB build teamwork and confidence at RAF Valley

CAYB build teamwork and confidence at RAF Valley

Students from Canolfan Addysg Y Bont had a fantastic time at RAF Valley. In the gymnasium a wide selection of equipment had been set up ready for a fun morning of activities designed to help develop communication skills. Students played various games from simple ball passing whilst sharing information, to stretching a giant elastic band whilst having to move around without allowing the band to ping back in on itself.

All students took part in the activities and there was a noticeable change in attitude and approach to activities as the morning progressed. The students were initially very quiet and a little nervous, however they were soon having fun and completing the challenges.

In the numbers game students had to pick up number cards in order, however only one person was allowed in the box and any one time. The students completed the task several times and after great thinking and problem solving skills, they managed to improve their method and knocked an impressive 2 minutes off their time. Super team work.

“I liked touching the numbers games as I was the leader and I liked helping my friends.” Luke

Students finished the morning by completing a difficult obstacle course blindfolded which they all found very exciting and thoroughly enjoyed. They had to walk around large obstacles, under a bar, collect items, balance on a wobbly dome and score a basket in the hoop at the end of the course.

“I liked the obstacle course because at times it was surprisingly intense and we got confused as we couldn’t see where we were going. It was a good job you had your friend to help you.” Owen

A great deal of time and effort had clearly been put in by personnel from RAF Valley to ensure that the students had an enjoyable and productive morning. We can’t wait for the next session.

“The students had a great morning at RAF Valley and the staff have such a caring nature with the students. One student with autism had found the beginning of the session difficult as they find new situations challenging but said on the way home what a good morning it had been.”  Class teacher

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