CAYB meet Wild Elements

CAYB meet Wild Elements

The morning may have started out with big grey clouds in the sky but students taking part in the Inspirational Outreach Programme from Canolfan Addysg Y Bont were still very keen to take part in an outdoor session lead by Wild Elements.

The session was based in the stunning grounds of Penrhyn Castle and Neil our Wild Elements leader had setup a small camp for the session. There were wooden benches to sit on made out of tree stumps, a fire pit in the centre ready to be lit and a canopy above to stop us getting wet from the drizzle. Thankfully the rain soon passed and the students were quickly put to work in small teams to build their own shelter using the natural resources surrounding the camp.

All the hard work of collecting branches and building their dens soon made the students a little tired and thirsty. It was time to stop for a nice cup of hot chocolate around the camp fire.

Whilst sat around the fire pit with their drinks, the students were asked to think about which teamwork skills they had used to build the dens. The list was endless including communication, planning, problem solving and helping each other. These are all skills that are used in everyday life, not just whilst having fun building dens.

The students then all made a mini calzone in the outdoor kitchen ready for lunch time.

Whilst the calzones were cooking on the camp fire, Neil had  planned a few fun team building games to play which further developed their teamwork skills. The sun was now shinning down on the camp.

“We all agree that this has been one of our favourite sessions of the year.”

Being outside was hungry work and the students were soon ready to tuck into their packed lunches and calzones.

It really was a fun and chilled out morning where all the students got so much out of the session.

‘It was fantastic to work with such a nice bunch! They worked incredibly well together to build their dens.  I was also impressed with the speed that they succeeded at their problem solving challenges. Most of the group had a go at making calzone pizzas, and enjoyed eating them in the unexpected sunshine. I look forward to the opportunity of working with them again in the future’.  Neil, Wild Elements

“Yes We Can! / Gallwn!” project,
funded by the
Armed Forces Covenant Fund