Employability Skills with Ascent Flight Training

Employability Skills with Ascent Flight Training

Our Year 10 Blue Skies students from Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi had their first Level 3 session at RAF Valley on Wednesday 19th June. It was a CV Writing and Interview Skills session delivered by Human Resources personnel from Ascent.

The students discussed what they were good at and what their interests were: they came up with a long list of skills and interests! The students also realised that their experiences on the Blue Skies programme were particularly helpful in writing a list of skills they are competent in, such as teamwork, leadership, confidence and being a supportive friend. They discussed the pros and cons of some example CVs, looking closely at the font, vocabulary and how the text was set out. 

The students enjoyed the course and it was fun! They enjoyed the interaction.  Good one to continue for the future.’ Teacher from Holyhead High

After a well-earned lunch break, the students returned to a fun session about interviewing. The session began by thinking about these questions: what is an interview and what is the point of an interview? What should you wear to an interview? What type of questions will you be asked? These questions generated lots of thought-provoking discussion. The groups came back together to share their discussion points. To conclude the session, the students had to watch an interview scenario role-played by Nicola and Phil. Every time they noticed a bad interview skill they had to shout out and were awarded with a sweet! The role-play was very funny but clearly demonstrated how not to act in an interview. 


These sessions are important for the students as they are about to embark on their final GCSE year, where they are expected to write CVs for their Welsh Baccalaureate and will be interviewed for college places. JET would like to say a big thank you to Ascent’s Human Resources team for their time and for sharing their wealth of experience and knowledge to the students. It was a fantastic day.