Ffordd Dyffryn – problem solving with MTa

Ffordd Dyffryn – problem solving with MTa

It was the second session for pupils from Ysgol Ffordd Dyffryn and this time it was their turn to try some problem solving activities using the MTa pass kit as part of a programme funded by Reaching Wider.

For each activity the groups were changed to give pupils an opportunity to work with as many different people as possible.

“I really enjoyed being in different groups and making the box because it was hard but we got there in the end.” Alisha, 11

It was good for the pupils to see that they may work better with some people than others however, it simply means that we need to find ways of adapting. Sometimes we need to ask questions, share and explain ideas clearly and have a little more patience.

“During this session I developed my patience with others. I learnt to take my time and listen to others. I really enjoyed spending time with my friends and building different things.” Jon, 11

The pupils also took it in turns to be a leader and see what skills they used as a leader. Being in charge does not come naturally to everyone however the pupils demonstrated a lot of respect for one  another and supported those who need it.