Ysgol Y Tywyn may be situated just meters from RAF Valley, however most pupils at the school have never set foot on the base. That changed for the Year 6 pupils currently working with JET on the Gallwn / Yes we can Inspirational Outreach programme.

RAF personnel from Ops and IV squadron arranged a fun packed inspirational day for the pupils.

In the morning they began at the gymnasium and were presented with various problem solving and team building games.

The pupils, who are nearing the end of the programme, really did excel themselves. There was a noticeable improvement in the way the pupils worked together compared to just a few weeks ago when they began the programme.

They all discussed ideas before attempting to solve the problem and they communicated and listened very well to each other which resulted in very efficient teamwork.

After a delicious lunch at the Mess it was time to head over to IV squadron. Never before has there been a group of pupils more excited to visit the jet aircraft and the simulators. All the pupils listened intently to Flight Lieutenant Critchell as he explained the work carried out at IV Squadron and discussed the different aircraft that the RAF previously and currently fly.

The pupils got to see what flight equipment the pilots have to use and wear when in the sky and had lots of opportunities to ask questions. Then they were taken over to the hanger for a tour around Flight Lieutenant Critchell’s  own jet and finished at the flight simulators where the pupils were able to try flying their very own jets around North Wales. The excitement and energy around the pupils was so high.

Conversation between student Zeke and JETLO Anne:

Zeke “I think I’m going to explode.”
Anne “Why are you going to explode?” (thinking he had perhaps eaten a little too much pizza.)
Zeke “Because I am so excited!”

Pupils were role-playing as they were pretending to speak to each other over the radio, finding each other on their radars and even trying to lock pretend missiles on each other, which was more difficult than they had thought.

“The thing that has inspired me the most is the flying simulator and Nick Critchell. He has inspired me to be a pilot when I’m older.” Anne, 10

“I learnt how to fly a plane on a simulator and how much fuel they need, which is a lot.” Angel

“It’s great that these visits have the desired effect!” Flight Lieutenant Critchell

This truly was an inspirational day.