Let’s stick together

Let’s stick together

Ysgol Y Tywyn were happy to welcome Sargent Major Peter Fort to host a whole school assembly. The main theme of the assembly was the importance of being prepared and teamwork in all aspects of life, not just in the Army.

Sargent Major Fort brought along lots of props and pieces of climbing kit to keep the assembly fun and interactive.  The pupils really enjoyed the assembly and had lots of questions at the end. Sargent Major Fort then stayed to run an additional workshop for the pupils on the JET Inspirational Outreach Programme funded by the Armed Forces Covenant as part of our Gallwn/Yes we can project.

Again, the main theme was the importance of teamwork. The pupils were set various challenges, which really tested their teamwork skills. Pupils were given sticks and had to pick up, carry and pass the ball to the next team. Only the sticks could touch the ball which was very difficult. The next activity was very similar however, the pupils were only allowed to use a piece of rope.

“I learnt that you need to listen to your team mates and how to be a better team player.” Bobby, 11

It was great to see how much the pupils have developed over the weeks and how well they did work as a team. Well done everyone!

That afternoon it was time for the pupils to reflect on their journey so far with JET. Pupils watched a presentation full of lovely pictures taken over the sessions. Pupils were then asked to write a short speech about one of the sessions and what they feel they have got out of the Inspirational Outreach Programme.

“I realised that I am not as shy to share my ideas or opinions anymore.” Kaydee, 11

It was not long until the pupils were busy typing up their speeches ready for a celebration assembly.