There’s no stopping CAYB

There’s no stopping CAYB

After the disappointment of their second session at RAF Valley being cancelled due to the snow, students from CAYB were very excited to be back and eager to get on with the activities planned for them.

The students were given a long piece of rope and were asked to make various shapes however, everyone must have hold of the rope. It may sound easy enough but in reality there needs to be a lot of co-ordination and communication to ensure that the correct shapes are formed. Students demonstrated confidence by volunteering to be leaders whilst the rest of the group listened well and followed direction.

The students also played a communication game based on the well-known ‘Chinese whispers’. The students had to pass on a short story ensuring that the information was correct. The final student shared the story with the whole group followed by the original story, which had be written down. This was a great opportunity for the students to see how well they had remembered key information but also how additional information had been added.

“I liked remembering the snow story because I enjoyed hearing the story about the snow. I think it was hard but I felt good about myself because I was able to do it.” Luke

The morning ended with the ‘fishing’ game. The whole group had to stand in a square, each holding two pieces of string attached to a central hook. Students had to work together to use the hook to pick up blocks and put them into a safe zone. This was a fantastic game as the students experienced various emotions, from frustration when they couldn’t move a block, to joy and success when they had completed the challenge.

“Ddaru fi mwynhau’r gem blociau. Roedd hi fel hook y duck yn y ffair / I liked the blocks game. It was like hook the duck in the fair.” Ellie

The students realised that they had to work as a team and were very encouraging and demonstrated great determination.

“Today’s session was really enjoyable and rewarding. The children actively engaged in all the exercises and it was great to see them working hard together, particularly communicating well in the final task. It’s a pleasure to be part of the what is a great opportunity for the children to learn and have fun!” Flying Officer Craig Beach

“Yes We Can! / Gallwn!” project,
funded by the
Armed Forces Covenant Fund