Working together really does add up

Working together really does add up

JET staff in North Wales were very excited to be running another session at Ysgol Y Tywyn as part of the Armed Forces Covenant ‘Gallwn / Yes we can project’.   Lots of games were on the agenda, all with the aim of developing teamwork and having lots of fun.

For the first activity, pupils were asked to work together to stop a balloon from touching the floor. Of course it wouldn’t be that easy, so pupils were asked to hold hands in a circle and they were not allowed to break the chain.  The pupils soon worked out an effective method of keeping the balloon up, however they found it more challenging when asked to keep two balloons from touching the floor. Pupils had to make sure they were aware of the location of the two balloons and the need to communicate to the rest of the group if they needed to move.

“I really enjoyed adapting original ideas and improving our ideas to solve the problems.” Scott, 10

Next pupils were given six beanbags and one minute to see how many times they could get the beanbags into a bucket. Pupils’ scores ranged from 0-4 individually.

Next pupils were put into two teams and repeated the activity. Although now in a team, pupils found themselves still working individually with group scores still not exceeding 4. With a little guidance and demonstrating good teamwork skills the groups came up with a new way to use their time more efficiently. Scores now rose to 9 and 14! This proved that by working together and taking on specific job roles the pupils could work to a higher standard.

“In today’s session I learnt to believe in others and that whenever you fail try again.” Anne 10

Finally pupils were given some inspirational quotes that had been muddled up. It was down to the groups to work out what the sentences were supposed to say. Pupils were asked to share their favourite quotes and why it was meaningful to them.

Next the groups were asked to create their own inspirational quote, and they definitely were inspirational. Here are the quotes they came up with, hopefully one will inspire you!

“To be a hero you don’t have to do the big things, just the right ones.”

“There’s always a second chance, it’s called tomorrow.”

“School is like a car, it drives you to where you want to go.”

“Dig deep and you will find your inner shine.”

“It was clearly evident that the pupils got so much out of the session. It was great to see them working so well together and the quotes that they came up really did inspire me.” Anne Paddington, JETLO