Regiment Day at RAF Cosford for Blue Skies Students

Regiment Day at RAF Cosford for Blue Skies Students

An incredible day was organised for Charlton students on base today. On arrival, they were given a range of team-building activities which improved communication skills as they all worked hard to beat the clock and break the record!

‘Getting a chance to handle such impressive weapons was awesome. I enjoyed learning about the role of the regiment.’ – Jackson, BS1 student

The weapon handling experience absorbed all the students. They were given a presentation about the equipment and provided with the opportunity to talk to regiment staff about their roles. 

Blue Skies Students are shown how to cook their own lunch using Rat Packs

‘Today has been brilliant. Both sessions were so much fun. We all worked together really well to work out riddles and cook our lunch.’- Skye, BS1 student

Blue Skies Students cook their own lunch using Rat Packs
Lots of laughter and much fun was had during lunch. Students were briefed on use of ‘rat packs’ and then given the chance to cook themselves a two course meal.

Blue Skies Students are given a first aid lesson

‘I loved today. We did so many different things. It made me think and I had the chance to practice CPR’ – Luka, BS 1 Student

After lunch there was a practical first aid session which was really useful.

‘An incredible day. All the students worked so hard and were absorbed and motivated by the challenge’ – Sgt James Stoddart

Blue Skies Students take part in a navigation task
Students finished the session on a navigation hunt. This involved working out riddles that had to be radioed to base. If the answers were correct, students were given location co-ordinates. The fastest team back won. This activity was lots of fun and certainly motivated the groups to concentrate and work together effectively.

‘It was so good to see all the students working so well together and showing an interest in the different activities. They achieved a lot.’ – Lee Tristham, Deputy Head of Charlton School

A big thank you to all the staff at RAF Cosford who helped make today such a memorable and worthwhile day.