Rocket design challenge

Rocket design challenge
Charlton School students get to grips with the MTA equipment

During a day of activities in Hangar 1 of the RAF Cosford Museum, Blue skies students from Charlton school were challenged to collaborate to solve a range of design problems.

Students work together on the challenges

The students were able to see examples of a range of successful design solutions and use these to help them plan and modify their own creations.

The students’ rocket sare put to the test

They designed and competed in a rocket competition, an egg drop, a transmission tower build and a race to take a team though a spiders web.

“I am so pleased my rocket won the challenge. It flew the furthest fastest.” Alice, Blue Skies student

“Our designs were given special mention in two of the challenges because we made rockets and parachute support for egg carrying that were the most attractive and the most scientific.”  Ethan and Luka, Blue Skies students

A very worthwhile day which helped each student reflect on their own skills working on a variety of team tasks.

Racing through the spider’s web