York High School Flying High

York High School Flying High

The Blue Skies 1 Teamwork students from York High School were invited to take part in rocket building session at RAF Fylingdales. The session which is designed to test teamwork and communication skills to complete a complex task to achieve and end result couldn’t have gone better.

The students took to the activity in a good old JET way, showing their passion and determination to complete the task. The task was simple: after a quick science lesson on how rockets work and the forces needed to be considered, the students were allowed to build bottle rockets.

The designs came in all shape and sizes and without realising that the skills previously worked on in other sessions were been used.

The time came for the launch of the rockets and in proper Yorkshire style, the students smashed it, with the rockets traveling past 50m in distance and even gaining incredible heights although there was the odd misfire!

“I am so proud of the work and the results the students achieved, in the skills they used to make their product to the actual result of how far the rockets went.” Andy Bowden, JETLO Yorkshire