Supersonic JET Celebration and Fundraising Dinner

Supersonic JET Celebration and Fundraising Dinner

On the 8th March 2019, JET’s Annual Fundraising and Celebratory Dinner took place beneath the iconic Concorde Alpha Foxtrot at Aerospace, Bristol. The event raised more than £20,000 to support JET’s work. With this year being the 50th anniversary of Concorde’s maiden flight, it was the perfect venue to celebrate the achievements of the Jon Egging Trust, as the trust’s programmes use the world of aviation and engineering to inspire young people and support them to develop important life and work skills.

Youth Ambassador Josh (who was part of the 2013 cohort of Lincolnshire students) talks about the impact JET has had on his life, at the annual dinner.

Concorde was capable of cruising at an altitude of 60,000 ft and at twice the speed of sound. For those that have followed, supported and been a part of JET’s journey; it has certainly felt like the charity has been travelling at similar speeds and attaining astounding heights. The charity started with just 10 Students on the first Blue Skies programme in Lincolnshire and last year reached 10,000 young people, who are overcoming life challenges, across the UK.

Youth ambassadors Bethany, Tamayha and Josh with Blue Skies Student Josh, JET CEO Dr Emma Egging and JET Patron Air Marshal Stuart Atha

Blue Skies 3 Student, Josh from Oxfordshire, is one of the young people JET has been supporting and was there on the evening. Josh says:

JET Patron Air Marshal Stuart Atha talks about the achievements of JET in the past year and the importance of JET’s Volunteers

“It was an honour and privilege to attend the event especially after everything the trust has done for me. My role was to open the evening by introducing JET’s Patron, Air Marshal Stuart Atha. I was very nervous but I managed to get through it by keeping a calm head and taking a couple of deep breaths.”

Sqd Ldr Martin Pert, Red 1 talks about how the Red Arrows support JET

“I was lucky enough to meet some of the Red Arrows Pilots and sit with the volunteers who provide the experiences that allow JET students to recognise and fulfil their potential.The volunteers have made me realise that I am able to overcome most obstacles in life so long as I believe in myself.”

Youth Ambassador Josh announces the finalists in JET’s new volunteer award recognising outstanding volunteering contribution to JET

Volunteer award Winners Flt Sgt Christopher Davison and Sgt Lyndon Picken who were presented with their award by Cobham Executive VP Greg Bagwell and JET CEO Dr Emma Egging

“Before the dinner, I was asked to give an account of my experiences and to explain how the trust has helped me. During the dinner, an audio recoring of ‘my story’ was played to the guests and I was happy that they were able to understand a current student’s perspective, which I hope will make people realise what this trust is able to do. Throughout the event, people were coming to me and praising me for my achievements.”

“For the first time, in a long time, I felt pride in what I had accomplished and how far I had come.” – Josh, Blue Skies 3

Blue Skies Student Josh oversees Area Director South Allie Hack’s attempt for glory in the paper plane fly off

“I really enjoyed the event and meeting all the different guests. I was so happy to have been chosen to attend and I want to thank all at JET for having faith in me and helping me come this far.”

Whilst Concorde’s passengers could see the curvature of the Earth, travelling at astonishing speeds of 1320mph on the edge of space, so too are JET on the edge of a thrilling new phase. At the beginning of this new phase, JET CEO, Dr Emma Egging, was delighted to be able to make use of the annual dinner to announce and welcome a new patron to JET, Air Vice-Marshall Harvey Smyth.

JEM Dunn Director of Airports receives the Team Award on behalf of NATS (Who are a key JET partner in the South) from Chief of the Air Staff Sir Stephen Hillier and JET CEO Dr Emma Egging

None of this is possible without JET’s partners, volunteers, supporters and fundraisers and we look forward to welcoming familiar faces and new, aboard for the next part of the JET Journey supporting young people across the UK to fulfil their potential.