Bedlam on Perham Down

Bedlam on Perham Down

The Blue Skies 2 group from Glenmoor & Winton Academy spent an interesting day on Perham Down with Wessex Archaeology and veterans from Breaking Ground Heritage. We were also joined by Dawn Egging who was visiting her first Blue Skies session. She chatted with the young people who remembered her from their graduation last year and were pleased to see her.

The young people learnt how to measure and dig a test pit. We did this near some WW1 trenches and the young people were excited to find some spent ordnance. Richard Osgood, the Defence Infrastructure Officer was able to confirm where and when the ordnance had been made.

Leadership skills were tested when someone was designated to be the leader and that person had to allocate various tasks to the team. A flint was also found.

Dickie and Matt from Breaking Ground Heritage then showed the group local maps on which WW1 practice trenches could be seen in the woods. We went to explore so that we could orientate ourselves on the map to discover the shelters that had been in place.

Lunch was provided in the form of ration packs – some were enjoyed, some not quite so much, but it a great experience to try them!

Thank you to Wessex Archaeology and Breaking Ground Heritage.