Covid-19 information hub

Although we are currently unable to run our Blue Skies programmes in schools, we’re still here to support young people.

What we’re doing

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the life of every child across the UK. The students JET support will find returning to school difficult as a result of the hardships they may face at home.  The disruption they have had in their day to day lives will have an impact on their ability to fit back into the school environment and many will return anxious and unprepared.  

 Giving young people support and inspiring them to achieve and be the best they can be is now more important than ever. We are working hard to develop our current programmes and create new resources, which will mean we can give greater and more intensive support to vulnerable young people when they go back to school. 

 Firstly, we have created a series of online video clips with the help of some of our inspiring volunteers from the world of aviation and other industries who share fun activities or top tips, focusing on the key life skills of JET’s Blue Skies programme: communication, teamwork, goal setting and resilience. 

 We’re also excited that over the coming months, we’re going to have some more involved resources which will support young people as they transition back into school and at the same time, we’re further developing our Blue Skies programme to help young people with employability skills. 

Films and online activities

With the help of some of our volunteers we have produced a series of video and online resources to help inspire and give some light-hearted food for thought. Each clip features a role model from the world of aviation and other industries and will give some reflections into important life skills.

The videos are based on JET’s Blue Skies youth programme, where young people will learn soft skills such as communication, teamwork, resilience and goal setting.

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Mental Health support

This is a particularly challenging time for young people’s mental wellbeing and  we want to make sure that they are still getting the support that they need.

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