Resilience doesn’t just mean getting back to normal after facing a difficult situation, it means learning from the process in order to become stronger and better at tackling the next challenge.

Coping under pressure

All of us have pressure in our lives, but learning how to cope with it and how to channel it into something positive is key to dealing with it and becoming more resilient in the face of future challenges. In the video above, one of our inspirational volunteers explains some of the ways he deals with the pressure of landing an F-35 fighter jet on a moving ship! 

Looking after your mental health

Resilience isn’t just about bouncing back, but about looking after your mental health and understanding when you need to ask for help. In this film, Sgt Jodie Barrie-Marklew, a Mental Health Nurse in the Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force  Nursing Service, shares some top tips on how to look after your mental wellbeing.

Give your body and mind the care it deserves

Claire Wilsher from DR ME explains the importance of looking after your body and mind by focusing on diet, resilience, mind and exercise.

Design a Red Arrow

Focussing on a creative task has been shown to lower stress levels. If you are in need of some quiet time-out, why not try your hand at this Red Arrows design challenge?