People learn and share information through communication. All forms of communication have one thing in common: the sending and receiving of a message. Using different kinds of communication, people can pass along their ideas and feelings to just one person or to millions.

How to communicate effectively

NATS provides safe and efficient air traffic services across the UK and are a key partner of Jon Egging Trust. Communication is essential to the work they do and it is a workplace skill that young people on our Blue Skies programmes learn. Join Martin Smith, NATS employee and one of our JET volunteers, as he brings you some of his top tips for communicating with adults in order to get what you want/need!

Pitch it to me

Communication is key to the success of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. Hear all about it from Jim himself, and join in with his fun challenge. Don’t forget to post a video of your pitch on Instagram using #JETinspired and Jim will judge it for you.