Goal setting

People who set goals are more likely to focus more on what they want and less on what they don’t. By learning to plan, prioritise and set targets, you are much more likely to be successful and achieve the results that you want.

Planning and prioritising

The Typhoon is one of the RAF’s newest fast jets. The Jon Egging Trust is proud to connect with the Typhoon force as part of our Blue Skies programmes. Leading a team of typhoon pilots and engineers is an important role and involves leadership, teamwork and planning. Join Wing Commander Jim Calvert – leader of (name of Squadron) as  he shares with you his top tips for prioritising his workload and planning his week

Stars and  Dreams

This activity will help you to focus on where your strengths lie and what goals you would like to achieve.

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Ball throw

This activity helps you to realise the importance of setting realistic goals.

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