The activities below provide a snapshot into the world of Blue Skies, and have been designed to give some light-hearted food for thought.

For teachers looking for more in-depth integrated lesson plans and digital resources aligned with KS 2-4 of the National Curriculum, please hop on over to our free JET Inspired resource hub.


Resilience doesn’t just mean getting back to normal after facing a difficult situation, it means learning from the process in order to become stronger and better at tackling the next challenge.

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People learn and share information through communication. All forms of communication have one thing in common: the sending and receiving of messages. Using different kinds of communication, people can pass along their ideas and feelings to just one person or to millions.

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Goal setting

People who set goals are more likely to focus on what they want and less on what they don’t. By learning to plan, prioritise and set targets, you are more likely to succeed in your tasks.

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Teamwork requires a group of people to work together towards a common goal. Communication, and social and emotional skills are all strengthened when you learn to work as a team, which in turn can help improve your self-esteem and confidence.

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Train your brain!

For some light-hearted fun, our corporate partner NATS have created these fantastic brain-training games to test your memory, reactions and reflexes. How will you fare, and can you improve your score with practice?

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Finally, a word from our Youth Ambassadors…

Nathan and Josh are Blue Skies graduates and now JET Youth Ambassadors. Here, they share some of the top tips they learnt during their time on the Blue Skies programme.

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