Developing teamwork and managing stress at RAF Marham

Developing teamwork and managing stress at RAF Marham

Level 1 students from Downham Market Academy today learned about teamwork and how to better understand stress.

Staff at RAF Marham’s community engagement team put the students through their paces on various complex teamwork tasks to achieve a collective aim and to learn how to manage conflicts that develop within small teams. The students climbed through spiders’ webs, sprinted and jumped through tires and solved problems. Mia, 13, said she enjoyed seeing the team all work together and see how much they are growing together as a team.

For the afternoon, the students were under the direction of Padre Chrissy at the base who taught them about managing stress. The students were placed in situations which caused some stress and they talked through how we manage these aspects in our lives. They then looked at the different parts that currently make up their day and learned how they can best manage them in order to achieve their goals and minimise the stresses faced by young people today.

Matthew, 13, said “I really enjoyed learning about the different stress we face. It can be hard sometimes to manage stress in a group, which then causes fights.”

Mrs Su Knott from Downham Market Academy said “It is interesting to see how much the group is changing and how the individuals are developing from being at RAF Marham.”