Skills for life

Skills for life

Last week students from Neatherd High School, Dereham attended the final session of their 10-week Inspirational Outreach youth development programme at RAF Honnington. During this programme students have worked with RAF Honnington to develop their interpersonal skills and learn how to deal with stress in their future.

In this session, the students learned how to observed areas of ground for signs of danger in relation to their ability to analyse their own lives and how they are seen. They were then taught some defence tactics from the RAF police stationed at the base to enable them to get away from someone if they were ever attacked in the street.

After a busy morning, the students learned some vital first aid skills from the RAF teams to enable them to help someone in distress. This involved learning CPR as well as how to deal with a choking casualty.

RAF Honnington continue their fantastic involvement in the programme, regularly having members of their staff attend sessions and the school to allow students to learn from the vast skills set their personnel have. Huge thanks are extended to all the RAF staff that have been involved in delivering and facilitating this programme.