Air Cadets Thinking Outside of the Box!

Air Cadets Thinking Outside of the Box!

RAF Valley hosted a three day camp for 93 Air Cadets from Mid and North Wales on Friday 1st June. JET delivered a problem-solving session using the MTA kit, as part of a Round Robin day of events. The cadets were split into groups, often working with cadets they had not worked with before, and were challenged to three different activities.

One of the tasks was to build a box, and any pieces of kit they did not use, they had to carry in their box.

“I enjoyed the planning, building and the competition!” Cadet

The results throughout the day were very different; all the groups had used their initiative and creativity to produce some very interesting boxes.

“The skills we used were teamwork, communication, patience, creativity and resilience. I enjoyed the session as it was a relaxed and friendly environment which made effective collaborative working all the more possible.” Cadet

Thank you to RAF Valley for inviting JET to work with the Air Cadets; we had a great time.