JET journey continues for Ysgol Y Tywyn

JET journey continues for Ysgol Y Tywyn

The second session for Ysgol Y Tywyn’s Inspirational Outreach programme, as part of the ‘Gallwn / Yes we can’ project, funded by the Armed Forces Covenant, was delivered by BAE systems, an engineering company based at RAF Valley.

The pupils were set a task to design and create a bin using paper rods made using a stixx machine which converts sheets of newspaper in to a solid rod you can build structures with.  The students had to plan, design, create the rods and construct the bins all in just under 2 hours.    

The pupils were very enthusiastic about the challenge they had been given and knew that they had to work quickly if they wanted to complete the task in time. Once the groups had agreed on a design, the pupils spilt themselves up into job roles. The teamwork produced was of the highest level.

“During the session we helped each other and communicated to make the bin.” Melissa, 10

Not everything went to plan but that wasn’t stopping this school! The group came together to come up with a solution to the problem they faced.

“I learnt how to make a recycled bin out of old newspaper. I really enjoyed today because we worked together as a group.” Anne, 10

By communicating, helping and encouraging each other, both groups managed to complete the task. Well done Ysgol Y Tywyn. 

“BAE Systems is proud to support the RAF and the Jon Egging Trust. We hope to continue and grow our involvement with the Inspirational Outreach programme to promote STEM in local primary schools to inspire our younger generation.” June Strydhorst, BAE Systems Education Ambassadors at RAF Valley

“Yes We Can! / Gallwn!” project,
funded by the
Armed Forces Covenant Fund