Pupils thrown back in time at Air World Museum

Pupils thrown back in time at Air World Museum

Over three days pupils from years 5 and 6 at Ysgol Llanfawr have had an amazing time visiting the Air World Museum in Caernarfon. The museum is full of fantastic displays and artefacts explaining how the Mountain Rescue first started on the site at RAF Llandwrog. It also hosts a range of old aircraft, where visitors can get in the cockpits as well as various other exhibits related to World War II.

“I liked inside the jet because you get to experience what it’s like for a pilot.”

Pupils began their time at the museum with a treasure hunt, using simple clues to help find specific items. This gave the pupils an opportunity to explore the museum for themselves and have a go at the interactive displays.

“This isn’t like a normal museum. We can touch things.”

Following on, they all went on a top secret flying mission, but first they had to listen carefully to the short briefing. There was a lot of information to remember if they wanted to complete the mission successfully. During the war the pilots were not allowed to write the information down or talk about the mission in public places just in case some information was leaked to the enemy. Therefore the pupils had a challenge on their hands. Would they be able to complete the mission?