Roll on at RAF Valley!

Roll on at RAF Valley!

The year 6 pupils who had their mini graduation last week had a fun afternoon ten pin bowling at RAF Valley to celebrate their achievements.

Most of the pupils had never had the opportunity to go ten pin bowling and they were very excited to play against their friends.

“What another great experience for them. Most of them have never been ten pin bowling before and they are really enjoying themselves.” – Mrs J Roberts, School Support officer

It was also a great time to show our appreciation and thank LJ for her support and for volunteering her time to attended most of the sessions in the programme.

“This is so much fun. All the activities we have done with the Jon Egging Trust has been fun” – Emily 10

“I have never been bowling before, it’s fun” – Scott 10

What a perfect and fun way to celebrate successfully completing their ‘Gallwn, Yes we can’ programme.

“Yes We Can! / Gallwn!” project,
funded by the
Armed Forces Covenant Fund