Super simulator

Super simulator

The team at RAF Brize Norton organised a super session for our Blue Skies 1: Teamwork students.

The morning’s session focused on activities to demonstrate how easy it is for information to be misinterpreted and how important it is to give clear and accurate information and check that all of the information has been understood by all members of a team. This helped prepare the students for the afternoon session aboard the A400M flight simulator.

The students each got the opportunity to demonstrate the skills they had learnt by taking it in turns to become an honorary A400M pilot. Half of the students were challenged to give direction from the control room that the honorary pilots had to follow in order to complete their flying mission. With the guidance of a real RAF pilot, each of the  students had a turn to fly the A400M and complete their mission.

‘I can’t believe I got to land an A400M (SIM)!’ Student

By the end of the session every student was able to demonstrate what they had learnt by confidently requesting instruction form the control room, interpreting these instructions and then acting accordingly, achieving the objectives of the session.

‘This was the best day ever!’ Toby, student