Fiscal Engineers welcomed on board with JET

Fiscal Engineers welcomed on board with JET

Our team at Jon Egging Trust is delighted to announce our brand new partnership with Fiscal Engineers, a Nottingham based wealth management company. Fiscal Engineers is a pioneering advisory firm with a reputation for industry leadership, who has won many reputable awards in the finance industry. Their staff provide individually tailored solutions to help their clients plan their future.

On the launch of the partnership Fiscal Engineers’, Shane Mullins, founder and Executive Chairman of the organisation, told us:

‘We sensed there was a great match between ourselves and JET, particularly in view of our shared values and professional and supportive approach. This is what first attracted me to the work of the trust. Another commonality is the fact that both organisations are dealing with people in key points of transition, and the most telling point was that as organisations we are absolutely driven by the desire to see people flourish at all stages of their lives’.

JET’s new partner, comprising of 27 members of staff, has pledged to fund the three-year journey of 27 young people in JET’s life-changing Blue Skies programmes. But the partnership will be so much more than just money – Fiscal Engineers have offered a whole range of valuable contacts and expertise to help JET drive the organisation forward.

Both parties are looking forward to developing this new partnership over the coming years.