JET Lincolnshire

The Jon Egging Trust was established in Lincolnshire in 2012, when we ran our very first Blue Skies programme. Since then we have run nine Blue Skies programmes in Lincolnshire, operating over three levels – Teamwork Level 1, Leadership Level 2, and Work Experience Level 3, with 10-15 students on each level.

In addition we are now reaching out to 1,000 more students across Lincolnshire through our Inspirational Outreach programme. With your help we can change the lives of even more young people.

Local fundraising is essential. On this site you can find out more about our work in Lincolnshire and how you can support us.


Latest News

Deliver the brief

1st May 2018

Students on Blue Skies 2: Leadership from Barnes Wallis Academy worked on their presentation skills in their seventh session at RAFC Cranwell. Having...

Leap of faith

17th April 2018

Students on the Blue Skies Leadership programme from Barnes Wallis Academy challenged themselves in their sixth session on the RAFC Cranwell high rop...

The best computer game in the world!

14th March 2018

Twelve students from Barnes Wallis Academy continued their Blue Skies 2 programme at RAFC Cranwell. This fifth session further focused on getting the...