JET Volunteers Make a difference #IVD2020

JET Volunteers Make a difference #IVD2020

The spirit of volunteering is embedded into the heart of the Jon Egging Trust. It is the combined power and support of our amazing volunteer network that helps ensure we can deliver our inspirational JET programmes for young people.

With International Volunteers Day 2020 almost upon us (5 December 2020), we’ve thought it’s a great opportunity to celebrate and highlight some of of our volunteers and the work they undertake across our eight regions.

International Volunteers Day 2020 is a designated United Nation’s Observance Day which marks the power and potential of volunteerism to make a difference in society.

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We now have over 200 volunteers within the JET community. Our JET volunteers come from all walks of life, backgrounds and expertise. Everyone has standout qualities – reliability, great interpersonal skills and the ability to problem-solve to name but three.

JET CEO, Dr Emma Egging says: “Our network of inspirational volunteers are recruited through the Jon Egging Trust’s longstanding partnership with the military and leading UK businesses.  Our volunteers generously donate their time, energy and expertise, opening up a world of possibility for the young people on our programmes. JET’s learning programmes offer a unique window into the world of STEM and aviation- opportunities which act as a springboard to inspire students’ ambitions for successful futures in any field. At this difficult time, the support our volunteers provide is more important than ever and I can’t thank them enough for the positive difference they make to young people’s lives.”

Here is what two of our volunteers have to say about their role within JET, why it matters and what motivates them to support JET’s work within schools.

We’ll be featuring more of our volunteer stories and ‘voices’ as we move towards 2021 and our 10th anniversary year. Watch this space!

JET Volunteers Q & A

Squadron Leader Muscat
Located in our North Wales region RAF Valley, Sqn Ldr Muscat aka ‘Musky’ has been a JET volunteer since 2015.

Q: Why did you become a JET volunteer?
A:  JET’s core message “to help young people be the best they can” struck a chord with me.  I am a firm believer that young people can achieve great things if they’re only given a chance to shine or prove what they can actually do”.

Q:  What sort of volunteer work have you been involved in for JET?
A: “As Officer in Charge of JET at RAF Valley, I am responsible for the Military aspects of the JET Blue Skies programme ensuring we have the correct facilities, people and infrastructure in place to help the JET staff deliver the programmes. We work closely with the JET staff who in turn link me to the schools involved. We have a great relationship, with one common goal, to provide a robust, interesting and fun programme for the students.”

Q:  What are your thoughts about the power of volunteerism and what motivates you?
A: JET does not only provide the students with a good grounding for their lives, but JET also enriches my life too. I enjoy helping the young people to develop and setting the students off on the right paths.  It helps with my own wellbeing and mental health to know that I am giving something back, having had a lot of help and support in my own past.

Stu Little – air traffic controller

A volunteer for five years, Stu works as an air traffic controller for one of JET’s corporate partners, NATS.  

Q:  What sort of volunteer work have you been involved in for JET?
A:  I’m delighted to say I have been able to work with JET on a variety of their school outreach programmes including their first-ever JET Inspirational Outreach delivery which included addressing around 500 students. I’ve also been able to support the delivery of the JET Blue Skies programmes.   One of the most memorable volunteer experiences was being able to host visits by JET students to the Air Traffic Control Tower at the Royal International Air Tattoo where I volunteer as a controller for the RAF Charitable Trust.

Q:  What do you like about volunteering generally, and more specifically, for JET?
A: Difficult one to put your finger on this! I think everyone probably has a bit of volunteer in them in some respect. If one can give up some time to make even a very small difference to someone else, then it’s a no brainer. For JET specifically, I totally understand and get the aims of the organisation. It’s great working with the young people and not simply talking at them. It’s great not just working with the very motivated JET staff but also seeing the work of the other volunteer partner organisations that help JET.

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